New Illinois Laws for 2017

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2017 is well underway, and along with it, Illinois enacted nearly 200 new laws. A few of these noteworthy laws include the following: 1. Juvenile Interrogations. Children under the age of 15 charged with serious crimes must be represented by counsel during interrogations. Any statements made by a youth without the benefit of counsel present would be deemed inadmissible in Court. This law applies to charges that would be considered a felony if committed by an adult. 2. Prison vs. Probation. Judges must provide an explanation of why they are choosing to put someone in prison for a crime that would have allowed for only probation. This law applies to individuals who are convicted of less serious felonies, and who … Read More

Used Car Sale Fraud Judgment

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Kristin Stone of Griffin | Williams LLP recently obtained a $75,981.10 judgment on behalf of a consumer and against a used car dealership for consumer fraud under the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act, 815 ILCS 505/1 et seq. The judgment, which included $37,800.55 in punitive damages, resulted from the sale of a used 2006 Jeep Commander. The vehicle had numerous hidden defects and an undisclosed accident history. Shortly after the sale, our client experienced repeated breakdowns. In at least one instance, she became stranded with her children on an interstate. The dealer reneged on promises to allow her to trade out of the vehicle on numerous occasions. Eventually, it was discovered that the dealer could not obtain good … Read More

New Illinois Laws For 2015

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With the new year, a host of new laws recently took effect in the State of Illinois – some with little or no notice.   Some new laws of note include: Underage Drinking. Parents and guardians can be fined up to $2,000 if they allow those younger than 21 to drink in vehicles, trailers, campers or boats under their ownership or control. Parents and guardians can also be charged with a felony if a death occurs as a result.  This is an expansion of existing state law which imposes similar penalties for allowing underage drinking in the home. Pregnancy Rights. Employers must provide “reasonable accommodations” for working pregnant women unless it would impose an “undue hardship” on their business. While “reasonable … Read More

Home Remodel Fraud Verdict

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Griffin | Williams LLP recently obtained a verdict on behalf of a homeowner and against a home remodel contractor and its owner for consumer fraud under the Illinois Home Repair And Remodel Act, 815 ILCS 513/1 et seq. Following a two day trial, the Court found that the contractor and its owner failed to lawfully return a down payment following the cancellation of the home remodel contract between the parties. The Court further held that in attempting to keep the down payment, the contractor attempted to charge the homeowner for work never contemplated under the contract or performed as represented by the contractor’s owner. The Court specifically found that the contractor’s owner created a fraudulent invoice which purported to seek … Read More

Odometer Fraud Award

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Griffin | Williams LLP recently obtained an award through the American Arbitration Association on behalf of our client, a car buyer, and against a regional dealership group for odometer fraud under the Federal Odometer Act, 49 U.S.C. §32705. The underlying facts were shocking. The dealership obtained a 2004 car with an odometer reading of 44,240 in 2011. However, the car’s title reflected a mileage of 56,295 in 2008. It seemed that over the course of three years, the car actually lost roughly 12,000 miles! To make matters worse, a Carfax history report obtained by the dealership showed reported mileage of 56,701 in November of 2006, 56,201 in May of 2007 and 15,050 in July of 2007. Despite knowing about these … Read More

Elburn & Countryside Fire District Disconnection

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Griffin | Williams LLP recently represented over 100 residents in the Elburn & Countryside Fire Protection District who sought to place a public question on the November 4th ballot seeking disconnection from the Elburn District. The firm also represents the Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue District in the litigation. Attorneys Patrick Griffin and Kristin Stone participated in the 5-day trial presided over by Kane County Judge David Akemann. During the trial, both the Elburn District and the Fox River District introduced evidence regarding their ability to provide fire and EMS services to the residents of the disconnection area. The parties provided testimony from command staff, local EMS medical directors and coordinators, as well as dispatch agencies. The trial also involved … Read More